Ensemble of the Ferapontov Monastery

The Ferapontov Monastery, in the Vologda region in northern Russia, is an exceptionally well-preserved and complete example of a Russian Orthodox monastic complex of the 15th-17th centuries, a period of great significance in the development of the unified Russian state and its culture. The architecture of the monastery is outstanding in its inventiveness and purity. The interior is graced by the magnificent wall paintings of Dionisy, the greatest Russian artist of the end of the 15th century.

The Monastery was founded in 1398 by St Ferrapont, a friend and associate of St Kirill Belozerskii. It achieved renown thanks to St Kirill’s pupil, St Martinian Belozerskii, who was hegumen (abbot) of the Troitse-Sergiev Monastery in 1447-55. Together with Kirillo-Belozersk Monastery, it became the favoured place of worship and of endowment for many members of the Russian feudal aristocracy and rulers. At the turn of the 15th century, it produced many notable leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church who played leading parts in the country’s life.

Since 2000 it is a Unesco site.

Thanks to Elena for the postcard.



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